About ZGOP

Enterprise ZGOP a.d. Novi Sad, is registered for construction and maintenance of railway lines. It was founded in 1957. During the past years employees of our enterprise constructed and performed capital overhaul of more than 5000 km of railway lines.

In implementation of railway construction, capital overhaul, mechanised maintenance, ZGOP uses up-to-date work technology and specialised mechanisation for track works.

For track replacement portal cranes are used, manufactured by Messrs GEISMAR and DONELLI.

For laying and replacement of switches, crane systems, manufactured by Messrs GEISMAR, is used.

For ballast cleaning in the track machines manufactured by Messrs PLASSER & THEURER are used.

For sleeper tamping, levelling and lining of tracks and switches, machinery manufactured by Messrs PLASSER & THEURER and KALUGAPUTMAŠ are used.

For ballast placing in track, ballast regulators, manufactured by Messrs SOLINGER, MATISA and DONELLI are used.

For rail welding in track, electric flash-butt welding machine is used manufactured by Messrs KALUGAPUTMAŠ and aluminothermic process is used as well.

For various railway construction works we have at our disposal road-rail excavator/loaders manufactured by Messrs DONELLI, RADOJE DAKIĆ and KOMATSU and bulldozers by Messrs "14. OKTOBAR".

For traction needs, we have locomotives of 240-480 kW and diesel hydraulic powered track cars.

For transport of railway materials we have flat and tipping wagons.

For accomodation of workers at worksites we have dwelling wagons, kitchen wagons, dining wagons, bathroom wagons, water tanks, diesel fuel tanks and workshop wagons.

We have a workshop with a floor area of 2300 sqm with six tracks and service pits, licenced by ŽTP Belgrade for inspection, servicing and overhaul of railway construction machinery (certificate ZJŽ Beograd, No. 262/04 - 15.09.2004).

We have successfully accomplished major projects: reconstruction of main railway lines, construction of railway junction Belgrade, marshalling yards in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Niš.

Since the year 2001 ZGOP satisfies standards of quality management system SRPS ISO 9001.

ZGOP a.d. Novi Sad